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Many low-income schools find themselves in a hole that is too deep to climb out of on their own. On our watch, only 16% of low-income 4th graders in Dallas County are reading at grade level...and the statistics get worse from there. We, the Church, must take responsibility for the children of our community. Together let's continue to develop a solid, actionable plan that will ensure that EVERY child in Greater Dallas has access to the hope that a quality education brings. Further information will be provided as it becomes available.
Further information will be provided as it becomes available.
Track Leader: Rebecca Walls
Rebecca is executive director of Unite Greater Dallas and is making it her life's mission to see the Church united and more fully mobilized in order to effectively impact the most critical needs in the city. In regards to education, Unite has identified over 200 church-school partnerships across Greater Dallas and is bringing the collective Church alongside the schools and effective nonprofit service providers in order to help ensure that every child has access to a quality education.
Contact: rebecca@unitethechurch.org | 972-689-6463