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Human Trafficking
Sex Trafficking: How Might The Church Respond?
Nearly every day another news report shares the reality of minors being sold for sex. The life for these young people is brutal and destructive and counter to the purpose for which God designed them. It's modern day slavery right here in the Land of the Free and DFW.
Join us for an expert packed discussion of the issues - but best of all the HOPE that the Church could provide as we see biblical justice revealed for survivors of sex trafficking.
Hard Facts: setting the stage - Human Trafficking Overview
Noel Bouche, CEO, PureHope
Vulnerabilities that set up victims to be sex trafficked
Lindsey Speed, Programs Director, Traffick911
Story of Success
Rebekah Charleston, Survivor, Advocate, Honors College Student, Mother
Root Roadblocks
George Lynch, CEO, Traffick911
Case Study Solutions: Programs churches can come alongside
Services for Survivors of Sex Trafficking:
  • Traffick911 --model of prevention/rescue/restoration: Lindsey Speed
  • New Friends, New Life - trauma informed care, housing and case management: Dr. Irie Session
  • Restored Hope for Adults: Sam Polinzi
Sexualized Culture
PureHope's Parenting training content for small groups: Noel Bouche
Traffick911's training for youth and adults on porn's role: George Lynch
Curbing Demand
  • CEASE Network interrupting sex buyers - Sarah Adams, The Net
  • Lindsey Speed, Traffick911
  • Celebrate Recovery and help for sex addicts - Ryan Rasbery
  • Pantego Bible Church
Further information will be provided as it becomes available.
Contact:George Lynchgeorge@traffick911.com