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Right now, there is a movement taking place in the Dallas Christian community to bring about measur­able change against the greatest spiritual, social, and humanitarian challenges of our time.
This movement is a partnership between the marketplace, the church, and the community – all coming together to work toward the very significant goal of transforming the Greater Dallas area for Christ.
It is important to appreciate and understand that being together and working together is one of the greatest expressions of our unity in Christ. The desired outcome is for like-minded individuals to join forces and tackle one or more of the “stubborn facts” of Dallas. We envision a five-year journey where a coalition of the Christian community throughout Greater Dallas will work together to achieve specific, measurable outcomes. In addition to the work done during the year, we would also gather together once a year to report on the progress made, to encourage and inspire one another, and to cast the vision for the year to come.
Such an effort could feasibly result in reaching the unchurched for Christ, planting churches within immigrant/refugee communities, reducing high school drop-out rates, improving literacy, and lifting significant numbers of people above the poverty level through education and job training efforts, ultimately impacting Greater Dallas both spiritually and socially.
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